Do you experience negative symptoms in your body?

September 26, 2019

One thing I am very passionate about is supporting people in achieving a balance between their physical, mental and emotional states of being. 

Most of us will go on in our careers and in life in general with no or very little awareness of how we are coping emotionally or mentally (through our everyday thought patterns, beliefs and / or habits). That is until our physical body starts to give us a message – those some what annoying uncomfortable symptoms!

So many people ignore the signs our body gives us when we are overworked, emotionally drained, physically tired and or mentally exhausted. Signs such as flu symptoms, headaches, anxiousness (worrying thoughts), tense shoulders, stiff neck, stiff joints, restless sleep etc etc and the list goes on.

Sometimes it’s good to sit still and think about what is going on in your life (past or present) and consider resolving some issues you recognise or those which simply pop up in your mind (no thought is a coincidence!)

This is the exact spot I chose to sit and reflect on how I was feeling in my body one early morning on my walk. You see walking and Yoga for me are the two things I prioritise over everything to ensure I have space to feel how I am feeling in my body! I sometimes ask myself “How do I feel?” and then “What am I thinking”
Change what you are thinking and watch how you feel!

Our minds are powerful beyond belief and we must give ourselves the chance to recuperate. We all have the innate ability to do so but unfortunately there are so many people who simply ignore ‘issues’ due to ego or how uncomfortable it seems to deal with or they are simply not aware!

Learning about ourselves, living our teachings and breathing along the way is truly the key to reducing symptoms and living on purpose! Still to this day, I experience symptoms when I am in difficult situations, being emotionally challenged or experiencing conflict in certain relationships. Listening to how you are feeling in a given situation will so often give you the answers with what you need to do. Resolving negative feelings will help reduce symptoms to enable you to move forward with action and purpose and find a new way.

For some this may sound cryptic, for others who wish to explore this further, think about a situation which has caused you stress / anxiety  / negative feelings. Now look at what you did in the situation and then look at how far you have come, either for the better or the worse – but PLEASE PLEASE don’t dwell on it.

Ask yourself this one question, “What did I learn from this?” and  “What did I resolve in myself?”

It is often so difficult to resolve your own past or current behaviours which are not serving you – hence why we all need mentors / coaches – you know that one person who can be vulnerable with so they can shed some light on what you have been doing which is the source of your symptom!! Like anything – AWARENESS is key! Once you have an awareness you can start to SHIFT patterns of behaviour/s which have not been serving you and you may be pleasantly surprised your symptoms will reduce or better still leave you for good!

Creating new habits does take time, persistence and commitment but in the end you will notice symptoms in your own body subside and soon you will look back and see how far you have come!!

If you have your own story about how you have shifted habits no longer serving you  and / or reduced symptoms in your body after working on your mental, physical or emotional state I would love to hear from you.

Learn Live & Breathe always.

Bel xx