Hi, my name is Bel. I’m a resilience and wellness coach empowering women and men to discover their true selves & make the changes they desire in life.

I have spent over a decade working in a challenging career resolving some of the most difficult personal situations and more recently, teaching others to effectively deal with and resolve conflict.


“To inspire people around the world to achieve ultimate wellness and connection within themselves and live a life of Ultimate Resilience!”

My qualifications include a degree in Business, Fitness Instruction, Kinesiology along with formal qualifications in Investigations and Education.

Over the years I have equipped myself to understand what drives, motivates and inspires people to do what they do and WHY in their daily life. My journey has given me the opportunity to gain hands on experience and insights into challenging real life situations requiring effective communication, conflict resolution resulting in amicable outcomes. My passion is to support women and men on their personal journey where they find answers to their most difficult life situations.

Empowering women and men to be ultimately resilient, live well, according to who they are and with ease, via;

  • 1:1 Consultations (via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone)
  • 6 week program
  • Nutritional Cleansing
  • Learn Live Breathe Community

With 18 years working in Law Enforcement it is safe to say I understand first hand what conflict is, why it exists in our lives and how you really need to look within to find the answer.

I have spent over a decade working in a challenging career resolving some of the most difficult personal situations and more recently teaching others how to deal with and resolve conflict within relationships, so that peoples lives can move forward in harmony and peace.

“There is much to say about someone who is grounded, who understands themselves and knows their personal values. It provides them a basis of self discovery, providing a perfect opportunity to grow and become the best version of themselves supporting them to thrive in other areas of life and become ultimately resilient!” (Bel 2018)


It is my mission to help everyone achieve ultimate wellness and connection to themselves so they can live a life on purpose, with ease, clarity, with limited conflict and ultimately resilient.

With over 18 years experience in conflict resolution and a vast range of experience in the health and wellness industry I understand the underlying causes of conflict of all types.

I am here to support you in learning, living and breathing so you can discover your true self, live your life on purpose or in other words in alignment with who you are.

Whether you:

  • Feel overwhelmed in your life;
  • Experience conflict in your relationships;
  • Have discomfort within yourself physically or emotionally;
  • Feel you have lost yourself in the midst of parenthood, career or other event;
  • Are not sure what you want out of life anymore – ‘you’re missing something’;
  • Set goals but struggle to maintain focus and reach your desired outcome;
  • Find yourself in a social media frenzy – envious of others’ lives;
  • Sometimes ponder why you get the ‘raw’ end of the deal; and / or
  • You lack energy and motivation each day to get the simple things done lacking;

I am here to support you and get you out of the ‘RUT’ you feel like you are in and into understanding who exactly you are, your true potential and finding your passions so you can live a life on purpose no matter what life challenges you face.